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Component 1

Designers and Manufacturers


Meetings are held with various actors and stakeholders in value chain apart from manufacturers and design firms, to identify the expectations for the sector.

The primary objective of this component is to develop a strong digital transformation strategy and roadmap for the apparel sector with the participation of representatives from stakeholder institutions and organizations and to bring good practices in the European Union to our country. Accordingly, 125 manufacturers and design firms operating in the sector are assessed to identify their digital maturity, and detailed reports are prepared and presented to them.

Component 2

The primary objective of this component is to develop and deliver innovative digital trainings for businesses operating in the field of fashion design, strengthen manufacturing businesses’ digital transformation capacity through IHKIB and the Digital Transformation Center (DDM) to be established within IMA, and enable stakeholders to increase their awareness and competence of global social compliance practices and standards.

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The Project also aims to bring the good practices to the sector by developing new fashion design trainings compatible with the digital transformation processes within IMA. The training capacity of IMA will be enhanced through benchmarking studies, on-the-job training practices and international study visits. In this context, trainings will be delivered on digital fashion design to 125 designers from various SMEs.


The Digital Transformation Center (DDM) established within IHKIB and IMA under this project aims to provide digital transformation services to the sector.

In this context, it is aimed to:

  • perform maturity analyses for businesses before their digital transformation process and provide consulting services in cooperation with solution partners;

  • monitor the results of the transformation studies for each business;

  • examine the examples of good practices related to digital transformation in other sectors and to follow up on these ever-evolving and changing ecosystems on a sectoral basis;

  • guide companies in adapting these technologies and to deliver training to 100 selected enterprises and to provide consulting services to 25 enterprises;

  • provide enterprises with support for pre-feasibility analysis regarding their access to funds for digital transformation.

Besides, the DDM will provide training and consulting services regarding social compliance. In this context, 5 training will be delivered at different levels for 100 representatives from SMEs. The social compliance of 10 selected companies will be determined to provide on-the-job trainings to those companies.


Component 3

EKOTEKS will develop new testing and analysis methodologies to support environmentally friendly textile applications, which will be supported with on-the-job training. Furthermore, a special methodology will be developed to distinguish organic Turkish cotton from other cotton types and increase the global recognition of Turkish cotton.

100 representatives from SMEs will be provided with support on testing services under the project.

The primary objective of this component is to enhance the testing and analysis capacity of EKOTEKS, which was established by IHKIB in 1998 and has been continuing its activities as an independent, internationally accredited laboratory since then.

For SMEs
Test Services
This Project is co-financed by the
European Union and Republic of Türkiye
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