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İHKİB SME Transformation Center (DDM) Social Compliance Trainings Continue

SME Transformation Unit provides training and consultancy services in order to support the sector’s digital transformation and social complience capacities.

Intermediate Level trainings on October 9-10 and Advanced Level trainings on October 16-17 were held in Istanbul with the participation of textile and garment industry company representatives.

Training programs targeting various awareness levels was developed within the scope of SME Transformation Unit’s (DDM) social compliance activities and are being implemented as pilots.

Our Social Compliance Information Catalogue provides comprehensive details on regional and international regulations related to social compliance practices. It also outlines the expectations and requirements set by brands and procurement groups, along with information on training programs that guide manufacturers on meeting these conditions.

Please complete the form below by September 19, 2023, in order to register for the social compliance training sessions and undergo a skills assessment.

Social Compliance Training Registration and Skill Assesment Form:

Stay tuned to our social media accounts to be informed about upcoming trainings and to register.

Questions and Contact:


İHKİB DDM Social Compliance Administrator


This Project is co-financed by the
European Union and Republic of Türkiye
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